Life at Victoria Student Blog

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Life at Victoria Student Blog

We are happy to inform you that PGSA is introducing a brand new monthly student blog called Life@Victoria. The idea is to provide a platform for current students to share their thoughts on life at Victoria University.  Life@Victoria seeks to encapsulate Victoria University from a student’s point of view covering topics such as people and influencers, inspiring moments and events, social and cultural issues, travel and exchange programmes, health and fitness, humour on campus, among others. For students, the blog provides a great opportunity to express themselves and connect with the wider VUW community.


We hereby request all faculty and student representatives to recommend to their students and peers to write a blog under one of the three broad categories:

  • Inspire
  • Entertain
  • Empower

General Guidelines

  • The suggested topics are for your reference only and you are open to write on any subject that inspired, entertained or empowered you as a student.
  • The blog must be original, not infringe on any copyright and references should be cited wherever necessary.
  • A maximum of two authors are permitted for a blog (including help from teachers or other students) and all authors must be from the Victoria University of Wellington.
  • Please mention Life@Victoria student blog in the email subject; Blog should be shared as a Word document (.doc, .docx) with a Title; word limit: 300-500 words; font: Times New Roman; font size: 12, line spacing: 1.5, paragraph (justify). PGSA reserves the right to make final edits.
  • All images must be attributed to the original owner.
  • Blog must contain the author(s) name, course and school details.


The best 3 blogs will be featured on our website and in the PGSA newsletter.

If you would like to contribute a post to Life@Victoria Student Blog, please contact

WWW.VUWPGSA.AC.NZ | PGSA@VUW.AC.NZ | +64 4 463 6973