PGSA Newsletter Editorial: August

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PGSA Newsletter Editorial: August

Dear Postgrads,

This trimester we decided to introduce a revamped The PostgGraduate Informer. The PGSA newsletter has always served as a voice for the post-graduate student community. It has sought to make student life, at Victoria University of Wellington, a more engaging experience for all. Consequently, it was resolved to equip the PGSA newsletter with a new approach in order to make it more involving and student-friendly. With this intent, The PostGraduate Informer, has undergone a swift makeover. We have made a few changes to the overall layout and style. The idea was to create not only an easy-to-read version of The PostGraduate Informer but also to make it more participative and encouraging.

I would like to highlight the importance of the Reps’ Reports that form a crucial part of the The PostGraduate Informer. The committee representatives at PGSA create reports that provide a good overview of all that is being done at VUW and the newsletter is the vehicle through which these reports gets shared with the student community in a timely manner. We have often heard the saying, ‘knowledge is power’ but knowledge without action is absolutely useless. Therefore, all committee reps at PGSA seek to bring out the context of important meetings and the action that is taken thereon. If you have any feedback regarding any report or want to appriase yourself with any student-policy information, please do not hesitate to contact

The main focus is to bring content that is helpful and also exciting for VUW students. Talking about exciting, PGSA has introduced not one, not two but THREE new activities for the post-grad community! These are First Fridays, Tuesday Chats and Kickstart Your Thesis Workshop. You will find all the details regarding each of these activities in this newsletter.

Life@Victoria Student Blog is a new blog launched for the post-grad student community to share their thoughts and experiences that Inspire, Entertain or Empower them. The first blog post was actually a poem titled, “Laboratory, 8pm” by PGSA Co-VP Josh Brian. Only if we had known that we have poets among ourselves then we would have launched the blog a long time ago. For this month, we are sharing posts by Emma Wollum and Taylor Cooney, and a poem by Setor Donne Novieto. Life@Victoria Student Blog is open to all current students of VUW who want to share an anecdote or a creative moment about their student journey. Watch out this space for more thrilling pieces of writing in the coming months.

Hope you all enjoy this new avatar of The PostGraduate Informer. Any feedback on the newsletter is appreciated. Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Happy Reading!

Ngā mihi,

Priyanka Roy
PGSA Co-Vice President


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