PGSA Newsletter Editorial: October

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PGSA Newsletter Editorial: October

Dear Postgrads,

A good way to break out of the monotony of research work is by meeting people. PGSA started the First Fridays breakfast chats to bring together postgraduate students to engage IRL! It is a fitting way to meet fellow PG students who are going through the same rigours of research life. The social environment prevailing within universities is important for a postgraduate student to succeed in their work, and also to add balance to their lives. Work-life balance is imperative for student wellness. Keeping this in mind, the First Fridays breakfast chat was started to meet the social and psychological needs of the postgraduate students.

The informal nature of the First Fridays chat helps students to share the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to studying in a competitive environment. It provides a good platform to grab a coffee and discuss the issues that plague a postgraduate student’s life be it the testing experience of lab tests or the giddy feeling of procrastination that haunts every writing task. These chats are meant for PG students to share their experience of studying in this university with others like them. It also helps to bring forth specific enquiries about student services and counselling needs.

First Fridays has definitely shed light on the benefits of students getting together and having an engaging conversation. I know that because I have felt the difference after meeting fellow PG students like me, and I can tell you that everyone is going through the same oscillating ride of momentary triumphs and frequent setbacks. By providing a face-to-face forum for students to intermingle and listen to the experiences of fellow postgraduate students, the First Fridays helps make students feel more comfortable on campus and facilitates long-term networks among the student community. I strongly believe that having a support system positively impacts one’s academic performance, and also assists in greatly reducing any misconceptions that students develop about university life in general and the services available within campus, and thereby ease any anxieties about the transition process to research life.

The October session of the First Fridays breakfast chat was a great one. It was a warm, sunny day, and everyone who attended the chat had a good time bonding with fellow postgraduate students over a cup of coffee. We spoke about the mundane and the remarkable aspects of doing research, the exhilarating, at the same time, the daunting feeling of studying far away from home, and the perks of studying in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. All in all, it was a pleasant gathering that reminded us the ‘why’, the purpose of our studies, and how we must tread ahead and work in a meaningful way.

Hope to see you in our next First Fridays breakfast chat on November 3!


Priyanka Roy
Co-Vice President, PGSA

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