PGSA Academic Conference Grants

History and Overview

In 2010, the Victoria University of Wellington Postgraduate Students’ Association (PGSA) began offering travel grants for postgraduate research students to gain experience presenting at international overseas conferences.  The PGSA Executive originally began offering these grants to utilise excess funds for the year.  Recognising the importance of these awards, the PGSA Executive committed permanently to offer these travel grants from 2013 onwards.  In 2015, the PGSA reconfigured the PGSA Travel Grants to ensure improved equitable distribution of funds and increased numbers of successful candidates.  As of 1st January 2016, with generous funding confirmed from the Office of the Vice-Provost (Research), the PGSA Academic Conference Grants are offered.  Each grant covers the cost of registration at ONE conference (for one paper registration), up to a maximum value of $1000NZD (subject to funds available).  A brief synopsis of the Academic Conference Grant follows.  A full outline of the policy is available here.  Faculties must submit their nominations no later than 1st December each year.


Candidates must be current postgraduate students at Victoria University of Wellington who are presenting their research – either as an oral or a poster presentation – at an international overseas conference.  When reviewing candidates, the Faculty Research Committees will give preference to candidates who did not receive other financial support from their Faculty in the current funding round, but were nevertheless deemed worthy.


Candidates need to apply via the standard application for their respective Faculty Research Committee.  Candidates are required to submit applications before the closing date.  Additionally, within the application the candidate must identify that they wish to be considered for a PGSA Academic Conference Grant.

Please note: closing dates and applications vary between Faculty Research Committees.  Candidates are encouraged to contact their Faculty Research Committee with any questions.

After closing dates for the various funding rounds, Faculty Research Committees will meet to consider applications.  Committees may select three preferred candidates for the PGSA Academic Conference Grants.  Once the committees have determined their preferred candidates, they will forward these candidate applications to the PGSA.  The PGSA Executive will determine which candidates are successful, then contact recipients, and liaise with the Scholarships Office to distribute grants.  The PGSA’s decision is based on the eligibility criteria presented in the full Academic Conference Grant policy document, and on the availability of funds.  Evidence of conference acceptance and conference fee payment receipt must be submitted with applications.

Please note: some Faculty Research Committees have multiple funding rounds throughout the year.  The PGSA has given these committees discretion to award their respective PGSA Academic Conference Grants when they see fit.  This means that your Faculty Research Committee may not have funding for a PGSA Academic Conference Grants in all rounds.  If there are any questions, please contact the PGSA or your Faculty Research Committee directly.

Terms and Conditions

Recipients must ensure that they are registered members of the PGSA (go to  In accepting a PGSA Academic Conference Grant, recipients are required to write a report for publication in future PGSA documents and present at a PGSA Interactive Forum.  This requirement must be met within 12 months of acceptance of the award, but before the recipient formally completes his/her studies.  Failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions may result in the recipient being asked to repay the grant.