PGSA Academic Conference Grants

The PGSA Academic Conference Grant provides current Victoria University of Wellington postgraduate students with funds to cover costs associated with international conference attendance.

The untagged grant covers travel-related cost of ONE conference, for ONE paper presentation, with a value of $500NZD.


In 2010, the PGSA began offering travel grants for research students to gain experience presenting at international conferences (formerly the “PGSA Travel Grants”).

In 2015, the PGSA reconfigured the PGSA Travel Grants to ensure improved equitable distribution of funds and increased numbers of successful candidates.

In 2019, the PGSA restructured the PGSA Academic Conference Grants as untagged travel grants to provide successful candidates the freedom to utilise the funds to cover costs associated with international conference attendance.


Candidates must be:

  1. current postgraduate students at Victoria University of Wellington who are presenting their research – either as an oral or poster presentation – at an international academic conference;

  2. eligible to access funding for grants via the Scholarship Office;

  3. applying for an untagged grant of $500NZD to cover conference travel-related costs only;

    and either

    1. applying for a conference occurring at most THREE months ago from the date of application (subject to PGSA Executive Meeting processes); or

    2. applying for a conference due to occur within TEN months of a candidate currently enrolled as a postgraduate student (excluding Honours qualifications).

Preference is given to candidates:

  1. without access to financial support from their Faculty or other sources;

  2. who have had a paper already accepted for the conference they are to attend;

  3. who did not receive other financial support from their Faculty in the current funding round;

  4. who have not applied for a PGSA grant at other times during their qualification; and

  5. with high quality applications that are supported by their Supervisor(s).

In monthly rounds where applications fail to meet standards expected by the PGSA, grants may not be issued.

In following the Victoria University Treaty of Waitangi Statute, but subject to the above criteria, the PGSA will award at least TWO PGSA Academic Conference Grants to candidates whose research is likely to be of benefit to Māori and Pasifika studies, or which commits to Māori and Pasifika research excellence. Only Māori and Pasifika related applications can be considered for a domestic or international conference, but preference will be given to an international conference.


Subject to funds available. The number of untagged travel grants offered will be limited to TWENTY annually.

In keeping with the aims of the PGSA to provide representation to all postgraduate students, the PGSA will make every effort to distribute the grants proportionately between candidates across the university Faculties. However, high quality applications will be the main criteria for the award. The PGSA reserves the right to make the final decision on the grant approval and any issue arising thereof.


Candidates must apply via the online application form of the Scholarship Office and attach a CV of not more than 3 pages, a max 500-word Cover Letter and a letter of support from a current Supervisor.

Please note: You can apply for a PGSA Conference Grant anytime irrespective of the Faculty Research rounds. It is your responsibility to apply for the grant in time to meet any conference deadlines. The PGSA will not be responsible for any delay arising from the grant approval process.

Candidates must declare any scholarships, travel bursary, awards, and additional funding sources they hold when applying for this grant in the “Description of Application” section of their online application form. Additionally, candidates must provide proof of conference fees, and/or conference paper acceptance on the online form:

  1. an official receipt; and/or,

  2. a forwarded email of paper acceptance.

 The Executive Team of the PGSA will consider the applications in their monthly executive meeting. As part of their discussions, the executive team will select candidate(s) for the PGSA Academic Conference Grant. Once the PGSA executive has determined the successful candidate, the grant approval letter will be emailed to the recipient. The Executive may select a maximum of three candidates in each executive meeting for this award (subject to available funds).

 Please note: The PGSA Academic Conference Grant will function independent of the Faculty Research Rounds. All the faculties are to request their candidates to apply online through the Scholarship Office for the PGSA Academic Conference Grants. This means that the students are responsible to apply for the PGSA Academic Conference Grant irrespective of their Faculty Research Grant application. If there are any questions, please contact the PGSA directly.

The PGSA Executive will determine which candidates are successful, then contact recipients, and liaise with the Scholarships Office to distribute grants. This decision is based on the above eligibility criteria and funds available.

Terms and Conditions

Recipients must ensure that they are registered members of the PGSA. In accepting a PGSA Academic Conference Grant, recipients are required to:

  1. submit a short report of 150 words on their paper and the conference they attended for publication in future PGSA reports; and one of the following:

    1. present at a PGSA event (e.g. at Postgrad Talks, or at a PGSA conference); or,

    2. contribute a 400 word article to the PGSA Newsletter; or,

    3. volunteer for a PGSA event on the occasion that they are unable to write or present at a PGSA event.

  2. meet the requirements above within 8 months of the grant approval date, but before formally completing their qualification;

Failure to comply with these rules may result in the recipient being asked to repay the grant.