We cultivate:


We actively work with the University to ensure the unique concerns of postgraduates are included in University policies.  An important aspect of this work is the Minimum Resources Agreement, which specifies the minimum resources all research students are entitled to. We have representatives who sit on committees and boards across the university ensuring that the postgraduate student voice is heard.


We promote excellence by providing:

  • opportunities for personal growth and leadership

  • opportunities for academic growth in workshops, forums and  informal discussion

  • recognition of success  in:

    • 3 Minute Thesis Competition

    • Research Excellence Awards

    • Victorias Awards

    • Academic Conference Grants


We  focus on creating a thriving, university-wide postgraduate community. Are you looking  to:

  • network with fellow postgrads (outside of your office)?

  • attend social events (our annual quiz night, Tuesday Chats, First Fridays Breakfasts)?

  • escape your office/lab/dungeon?

Then we are here for you! If at any time you have queries, problems, or grievances come and chat to us. We can provide guidance and assure to respect your confidentiality



It's never a bad time to go over the basics. You've probably come across the ThinkWell team of Maria Gardiner and Hugh Kearns, either at your orientation or one of their regular FGR workshops (they'll be back later in the year, if you haven't signed up this month).

Maria and Hugh are world experts in cognitive behavioural coaching, with over fifteen years' experience of working with students and supervisors. In layman's terms, this means they have the knack of reminding you of your own abilities and reigniting productivity - even on the more difficult days!

But ThinkWell's goodness doesn't end when they get back on the plane to Australia. The ThinkWell website contains a wealth of information and resources, including books (put your wallets away - they're in the university library) and free downloadable organisational guides and planners. Get your whole thesis plan on your office wall - you'll feel much better for it! You can also see the headlines of all the ThinkWell workshops, which is enough to remind your brain of all the positive things you learned last time Hugh or Maria were in town.

Have a scroll through ThinkWell next time your motivation sags - it's much better procrastination than Instagram!

3 Minute Thesis: The Results!

3 Minute Thesis: The Results!

PGSA Conference Grants

PGSA Conference Grants